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NAME: The Iron Bull
AGE: Late 30s/Early 40s
RACE: Qunari
OCCUPATION: Mercenary/Spy
BUILD: Stocky/Muscular
HAIR: None
EYES: Gray
BEARING: Confident
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Missing eye, lots of scars, two missing fingers on his left hand.

Tavern, more than likely, or in the yard training with the Chargers.


Leader of a company of mercenaries famous throughout Orlais. Also a Ben-Hassrath agent for the Qunari. Known to be a professional and efficient at what he does. Also known for partying hard once the job is done.


Vashoth are likely to have a problem with him, since he's still Qunari and actively working for them. He's available for sparring or drinking, or flirting. If that's what you're into. Couldn't blame you for being curious.

Approval & Gifts

+ Good fights
+ Good drinks
+ Good sex
+ Wagers/bets
- Tal-Vashoth
- Tevinter
- Showing weakness
- Endangering civilians
- Demons, magic, the Fade, etc.

Luxury items (cocoa, horn balm, etc.), dawnstone.

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Name: Tempest
Age: 30
Contact: [plurk.com profile] isadiya
Other Characters: River Tam, Mia Rutherford
Interests: Action scenes, digging into lore, moral choices for characters to weigh in on, and just getting some interesting CR in.


Name: The Iron Bull
Canon/OC: Dragon Age
Journal: [personal profile] qunari
Race: Qunari
Nationality: Par Vollen
Occupation: Mercenary
Age: Late 30s-early 40s


Have a wiki link.


It'd be easy to write off Bull as a brute. Even his name, the Iron Bull, denotes a merciless brutal thing more than a person. Bull would say that's exactly the image he wants to project, a dumb bruiser who knows nothing but the fight, and truth be told? He loves the fight. Perhaps a little too much. Perhaps enough to scare him a little, make him wonder how thin that line is between control and chaos. His greatest fear is madness for a reason.

But that sort of self-awareness is part and parcel of why Bull is more than a bruiser. The Tamassarins that raised him noted his tendency to look out for the other children, as well as possessing unique problem-solving skills. He's clever, observant, and capable of hiding a great deal, which made him a perfect enforcer for the Ben-Hassrath.

Being the biggest guy in the room means Bull is usually pretty laid-back. He's got nothing to prove, no need for ego-stroking, and not much gets under his skin...unless you go after one of his boys, of course. Bull is fiercely protective of those he considers 'his', likely due to the losses he suffered in Seheron. Even if he was raised in a society where people are valued for their contributions to the whole, Bull gets attached to his people. He cares deeply, though his own emotional honesty can sometimes be compromised by his sense of duty.

He's also a hedonist, something discovered along the way while working undercover as a mercenary in Orlais. Bull likes good drink, fancy food, and lots of sex. He's fond of Orlesian silk pants and pink swords because "they're pretty". He's also completely unapologetic for his appetites and tastes. Too much time spent in dark, despairing places means he's content living every moment like it's his last.

Strengths & Weaknesses
Ben-Hassrath: Bull's still technically a member, and privy to reports that get sent in, forwarding them to Leliana to assist the Inquistion. He's also pretty damn good at the spy game himself. Hiding his emtions/thoughts through physical cues, picking up little details around him and strategizing, as well as manipulation when called for.
Bull's Chargers: Working as a mercenary for years, Bull's picked up this band of misfits along the way. His leadership skills have earned their loyalty, though there's a sense that he's more of a dad/big brother figure to his men.
Stoic: He's not one to let an injury slow him down. Downside of that is that he's more physically reckless than he ought to be. It's a good thing he's a Reaver class.
PTSD: Bull defended Seheron longer than anyone before or since. It takes an emotional and physical toll being in that environment that long, to the point that Bull turned himself in to the re-educators when it finally sapped his will to go on.
Demons: He hates him. Haaaaaaaaates them. Nothing creeps him out more than something that can get inside your head, where all your strength counts for nothing at all.


Leg brace, eyepatch, leather harness, leather belt, Orlesian silk pants, leather bracers, Bull's Edge, and a lot of alcohol, including Maraas-lok.


Officially, the Ben-Hassrath want a closer look at the situation. The Breach and Corypheus make them nervous, for good reason, and if the Inquisition becomes a major player they want a look at the inside workings. Unofficially? Bull feels that helping the Inquisition is a good call. They don't leave the little people behind, and they're keeping chaos at bay. He can respect that, and it brings him a lot of opportunites to hit things. He's keen on that.


Sample One
Sample Two
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Backtagging: It's my lifesblood, slow as I am.
Threadhopping: Totally cool with it.
Fourthwalling: This rarely if ever comes up. PM me first?
Offensive subjects: None to speak of.


Hugging this character: Hey. Don't make it weird.
Kissing this character: What did he say about making it weird?
Flirting with this character: Hell yeah. He'll flirt back if he's interested, or deflect if he isn't, but either way go for it.
Fighting with this character: Sparring, scrapping, whathaveyou. Bull is down for it.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): It happens. More severe stuff, just clear it with me first.
Killing this character: PM me first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: He's definitely susceptible to it. Expect him to be very uncomfortable with the idea.

Warnings: Battles will be gory, and Bull sometimes has flashbacks to some pretty nasty shit that went down in Seheron. If you're not comfortable with explicit gore or PTSD stuff, let me know ahead of time.
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